COVID-19 Can’t Stop This – Andria’s SURFO project highlighted in Oceanography journal

Last Summer, Andria worked with us as a SURFO student. Due to the pandemic, this research experience was conducted remotely, but Andria successfully led her project about the plankton dynamics in different water bodies in Mississippi. With limited and affordable materials and a DIY approach (plankton net, Secchi disk), Andria visited three study sites on a weekly basis for 5 weeks. She measured various environmental parameters and collected plankton samples she analyzed at home. The following article published in Oceanography highlights the great work performed by Andria. It also demonstrates that with willingness, enthusiasm, imagination, and involvement, we were able to ensure opportunities for students to participate in summer internships despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Marrec P., A. Miller, L. Maranda & S. Menden-Deuer 2021 Virtual and remote, but hands-on undergraduate research in plankton ecology during the 2020 pandemic – covid-19 can’t stop this! Oceanography,