Undergraduate Assistants -

Robert Zamoida

Robert is Rhode Island Born and Raised with a B.S. Biological Sciences, Biotechnology and Cell and Molecular Biology at URI in 2020/2021. He is a 20 Year USAF Veteran, Independent Duty Medic and a huge Star Wars Fan!

Sara Shapiro

Sara graduated with a masters degree in oceanography in December 2019. She worked with the lab on a number of projects including the LTER. Beyond being a great help in the lab Sara has shared her talent as a fantastic scientific illustrator.

Michael Sprague

Michael graduated from URI May 2019, he gained research experience by working with us in the lab.

Elizabeth Jardine

Elizabeth is part of a collaborative project with Rhode Island College and Dr. Sarah Knowlton. She worked in the lab in the summer of 2017, helping with temperature acclimation experiments.


Megan Schrader

Undergraduate Assistant

Megan is majoring in Marine Biology at URI. She analyzed Narragansett Bay phytoplankton samples using the FlowCam.

Albert Good

Undergraduate Assistant

Albert is majoring in Marine Affairs at URI and worked in the lab this past summer as an undergraduate researcher. He investigated community dynamics in Narragansett Bay using the FlowCAM.

Cynthia Michaud

Undergraduate Assistant

I am a double major in Marine Biology and Geological Oceanography at URI and currently working in the lab as an undergraduate researcher. I will be working on plankton growth and grazing dynamics.


Emily Bernstein

Undergraduate Assistant

Emily graduated from URI with a degree in Marine Biology in May 2014. She worked in the lab as an EPSCoR undergraduate researcher. She worked on the FlowCam to see if it could be used in combination with regular microscopy to count samples.

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