Lab Alumni - REU/SURFO Students

REU/SURFO Students

Amanda Herbst

Amanda joined the lab in June 2021 as a summer NSF SURFO (REU) student from California Polytech State University in San Luis Obispo majoring in chemistry (minor in dance). Amanda worked on underway Chl-a data from 6 NES-LTER cruises in order to post-calibrate the fluorometers onboard the Endeavor, which now allow us to study the Read More …

Andria Miller

Andria joined the Menden-Deuer lab as a summer NSF SURFO (REU). Andria conducted her research remotely, due to covid-19, by sampling water bodies near her home in Mississippi. Andrea will be a senior this fall at Jackson State University she is majoring in biology and has a love for studying the natural world.

Nicole Hammond

Nicole joined the Menden-Deuer lab as a summer SURFO student from Salisbury University. Nicole designed and conducted an experiment that will help us better understand plankton ecology.

Eva Lincoln

Eva joined the lab as part of the 2018 SURF (summer undergraduate research fellowship) program. She examined the effect of nutrient concentrations on protistan herbivory and growth rates and went on EN617 as part of the LTER research cruises. Eva is currently a student at Rhode Island College and was named a ‘Governor’s fellow’ for her Read More …

Anna Ward

Anne Ward joined the lab as part of the 2018 GSO/URI SURFO (summer REU) program. Anna examined turbulence effects on protistan herbivory grazing and growth rates. She also participated in the LTER cruise EN617. Anna is an undergraduate at the University of California San Diego. Her work was selected for presentation at the 2019 ASLO meeting in Read More …

Elizabeth Wright-Fairbanks

REU/SURFO student

Liza, a student at Middlebury College, Vermont, completed her 2016 SURFO internship working on the effect of copepod excretions on the growth and ingestion rate of the phagotrophic protist Oxyrrhis marina. Liza presented a poster at ASLO, February 2017.

Elizabeth Vomacka


Betsy, a student at St. Olaf College, completed her 2014 SURFO internship with Dr. Shu Cheng on RNA-seq analysis for Heterosigma akashiwo.

Caitlin Russell


During the summer of 2013, Caitlin, a student at Boston University, completed a SURFO internship working on ocean acidification effects on community populations of phytoplankton in Narragansett Bay. Caitlin presented a poster at ASLO, February 2014. She will be again joining the lab during an upcoming Antarctic cruise.

Rachel Hickcox


Rachel, a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, spent the summer of 2012 as a SURFO examining the growth rates of Heterosigma akashiwo in varying salinities. She presented a poster on this work at ASLO, February 2013.

Andrea Reis


Andi, a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, completed her 2011 SURFO internship with Caitlyn Lawrence on copepod grazing rates on whole community plankton assemblages of Narragansett Bay. Andi is pursuing graduate studies in marine science in Florida.

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