Lab Alumni - Past Post-Docs

Past Post-Docs

Françoise Morison

Francoise investigated the relationship between water column stratification, light and predator induced mortality rates and how these factors interact to affect the development of phytoplankton blooms and their dominant species. She completed a Masters, Ph.D. and post-doc in the lab and remains a collaborator.

Nigel D’souza


Nigel’s work at URI involved measuring lipids in heterotrophic dinoflagellates. In October 2017, he moved to the University of California, Santa Barbara to work with Uta Passow.

Gayantonia Franzè


The main focus of my research is to determine the temperature effects on the rates of heterotrophic protist population dynamics. These rate estimates are key measurements for global biogeochemical cycling models and studying how they are influenced by temperature is fundamental in a global warming prospective. Gayantonia moved to Norway, May 2019 to start a Read More …

Andreas Oikonomou


I am highly interested in researching the influence of protistan mortality processes on phytoplanktonic abundance and distribution, considering how predator-prey interactions and plankton behavior at the species level can enhance our understanding on the large ocean-scale ecosystem processes.

Darcy Taniguchi


In her time with the lab, Darcy investigated tradeoffs in planktonic food web interactions that influence the survival of different size classes of plankton.  

Shu Cheng


Shu completed her post-doc in the fall of 2014. She analyzed next-generation RNA sequencing data from different species of plankton. Shu accepted a post-doc at the University of Arizona with Bonnie Hurwitz.

Mary Kane

Mary successfully defended her Master’s thesis in April 2015 and returned to complete her Ph.D, she graduated in May 2019. Mary’s dissertation addressed the movements and spatial distributions of Antarctic krill in situ – even in winter – to decipher the role of krill in the Southern Ocean food web. Mary then became postdoctoral scholar Read More …

Michael Orchard


Michael completed his post-doc in September 2013, after working on viscosity effects on dinoflagellate swimming. Michael returned to the University of Hull to continue as a post-doc with Stuart Humphries.

Jason Graff


Jason completed his post-doc in June 2011. He then accepted a post-doc with Dr. Behrenfeld at Oregon State University.

Rudi Schuech


Rudi completed his post-doc in October 2012 and published, Going ballistic in the plankton: Anisotropic swimming behavior of marine protists. He then accepted a post-doc at the University of Hull.