Lab Alumni - Graduate Students

Graduate Students

Mike Fong

Masters Graduate

Mike investigated how the concentration of microzooplankton affects their distribution and swimming behaviors. He successfully defended his Master’s thesis in May 2015.

Sean Anderson

Masters Graduate

Sean successfully defended his Master thesis in April 2016, after working on growth, grazing and starvation survival of heterotrophic dinoflagellates. His results were published in the Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology before accepting a PhD offer at Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.

Samantha DeCuollo

Masters Graduate

Samantha started as a volunteer intern in the lab, assisting with a project on Akashiwo sanguinea. In December 2013, Samantha completed her Master’s Degree, (Separating the Effects of Temperature and Community Composition on the Magnitude of Heterotrophic Protist Grazing Rates in Narragansett Bay) and has since returned to teaching high school science.

Elizabeth Harvey

Ph.D. Graduate

In August 2012, Elizabeth successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation, (The impact of predator-prey relationships on the formation of harmful algal blooms in Heterosigma akashiwo). She completed a post-doc at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute before accepting a faculty position at the University of Georgia, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.

Henry Wladkowski

Masters Graduate

Henry successfully defended his Master’s Degree in April 2012, (Assessing Light Mediated Behavioral Response of the Dinoflagellate Akashiwo Sanguinea (Hirasaka) G. Hansen and Moestrup). He then accepted a position with the Rhode Island Technology Enhanced Science (RITES) program.

Hyewon Kim

Masters Graduate

Hyewon completed her Master’s Degree in September 2012, (Bloom Formation of the Toxic Raphidophyte Heterosigma Akashiwo in Response to Ocean Acidification). She has since resumed graduate studies at Columbia with Hugh Ducklow.

Caitlyn Lawrence

Masters Graduate

In August 2011, Caitlyn successfully defended her Master’s Degree, (Seasonal Protistan Grazing in Narragansett Bay) and published her results in MEPS. She then accepted a position teaching Oceanography.

William Day

In December 2010, William defended his Master’s Degree.