Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Susanne Menden-Deuer

Professor of Oceanography

My research focuses on understanding the ecosystem consequences of cell-cell interactions in marine, plantonic communities and food webs. I am co- or principal investigator of multiple research projects and co-author most publications with my students and post-doctoral fellows.


Biological Oceanography OCG 561

This core course in Biological Oceanography provides an introduction to Ocean Ecology and how it pertains to the study of Oceanography. The course combines lectures, with laboratory exercises and 3 research cruises to Narragansett Bay.

Moreover, I teach a seminar in ‘Data Analysis and Visualization in Marine Science’, co-taught with Prof. Jenkins (CELS, URI) and alternating Prof. Rynearson (GSO, URI).



Pierre Marrec

Pierre’s main focus in the lab will be investigating a multitude of variables that influence plankton community structure across the Northeast continental shelf as part of the NES LTER

Graduate Students

Andria Miller

I am a first-year master’s student joining the lab from Jackson State University in Mississippi. In my previous research, I studied the temporal variations in macrobenthic invertebrates associated with beach nourishment. I was a SURFO REU student in summer 2020 in the lab. Also, my favorite dessert is ice cream.

Rickie (Erica) Ewton

My research interests lie in marine microbial ecology and interactions between microbes and their broader oceanographic systems. During my honors aquatic microbiology undergraduate degree at Oregon State University (OSU), I studied the effects of X-ray computed tomography on microbial communities in salt marsh cores, then pivoted to studying microbiomes of bleached corals for my masters degree, which was also from OSU. My PhD work focuses on how plankton interact with each other and their environment.

Undergraduate Students

Jason Schaedler

Jason Schaedler joins the lab as an undergraduate. He’s a 2nd year Ocean Engineering major. Currently assisting with plankton culturing and growth experiments.