Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator


Susanne Menden-Deuer

Professor of Oceanography

My research focuses on understanding the ecosystem consequences of cell-cell interactions in marine, plantonic communities and food webs. I am co- or principal investigator of multiple research projects and co-author most publications with my students and post-doctoral fellows.


Biological Oceanography OCG 561

This core course in Biological Oceanography provides an introduction to Ocean Ecology and how it pertains to the study of Oceanography. The course combines lectures, with laboratory exercises and 3 research cruises to Narragansett Bay.

Moreover, I teach a seminar in ‘Data Analysis and Visualization in Marine Science’, co-taught with Prof. Jenkins (CELS, URI) and alternating Prof. Rynearson (GSO, URI).




Amanda Burke


Francoise NASA

Françoise Morison

Francoise is investigating the relationship between water column stratification, light and predator induced mortality rates and how these factors interact to affect the development of phytoplankton blooms and their dominant species.

Gayantonia Franzè


The main focus of my research is to determine the temperature effects on the rates of heterotrophic protist population dynamics. These rate estimates are key measurements for global biogeochemical cycling models and studying how they are influenced by temperature is fundamental in a global warming prospective

Graduate Students

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Mary Kane

Masters Graduate

Mary successfully defended her Master’s thesis in April 2015 and has returned to complete her Ph.D. Mary studies the movements and spatial distributions of Antarctic krill in situ – even in winter – to decipher krills’ role in the Southern Ocean food web.


Undergraduate Students


Anna Ward

Anne Ward will be joining the lab within the GSO/URI SURFO (summer REU) program. She will  experience oceanographic research first hand. Anna is an undergraduate at the University of California San Diego.

Eva Lincoln

Eva joins the lab as part of the SURF (summer undergraduate research fellowship) program. She will be learning the ins and outs of the lab by getting her hands and, most likely, feet wet while getting a taste of oceanography life. Eva is currently a student at Rhode Island College.