Sara Shapiro

Sara is currently working towards a masters degree in oceanography. She has joined the lab for some hands-on experience helping out with a number of current projects. Beyond being a great help in the lab Sara has shared her talent as a fantastic scientific illustrator.

Pierre Marrec

Pierre’s main focus in the lab will be investigating a multitude of variables that influence plankton community structure across the Northeast continental shelf as part of the NES LTER

Eva Lincoln

Eva joined the lab as part of the 2018 SURF (summer undergraduate research fellowship) program. She examined the effect of nutrient concentrations on protistan herbivory and growth rates and went on EN617 as part of the LTER research cruises. Eva is currently a student at Rhode Island College and was named a ‘Governor’s fellow’ for her Read More …

Anna Ward

Anne Ward joined the lab as part of the 2018 GSO/URI SURFO (summer REU) program. Anna examined turbulence effects on protistan herbivory grazing and growth rates. She also participated in the LTER cruise EN617. Anna is an undergraduate at the University of California San Diego. Her work was selected for presentation at the 2019 ASLO meeting in Read More …

Françoise Morison

Francoise is investigating the relationship between water column stratification, light and predator induced mortality rates and how these factors interact to affect the development of phytoplankton blooms and their dominant species.

Elizabeth Jardine

Elizabeth is part of a collaborative project with Rhode Island College and Dr. Sarah Knowlton. She worked in the lab in the summer of 2017, helping with temperature acclimation experiments.
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