Eva Lincoln

Eva joins the lab as part of the SURF (summer undergraduate research fellowship) program. She will be learning the ins and outs of the lab by getting her hands and, most likely, feet wet while getting a taste of oceanography life. Eva is currently a student at Rhode Island College.

Anna Ward

Anne Ward will be joining the lab within the GSO/URI SURFO (summer REU) program. She will  experience oceanographic research first hand. Anna is an undergraduate at the University of California San Diego.
Francoise NASA

Françoise Morison

Francoise is investigating the relationship between water column stratification, light and predator induced mortality rates and how these factors interact to affect the development of phytoplankton blooms and their dominant species.
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Elizabeth Jardine

Elizabeth is part of a collaborative project with Rhode Island College and Dr. Sarah Knowlton. She worked in the lab in the summer of 2017, helping with temperature acclimation experiments.

Elizabeth Wright-Fairbanks

REU/SURFO student

Liza, a student at Middlebury College, Vermont, completed her 2016 SURFO internship working on the effect of copepod excretions on the growth and ingestion rate of the phagotrophic protist Oxyrrhis marina. Liza presented a poster at ASLO, February 2017.

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