February 2017

Susanne, Liza and Nigel are en route to the ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Hawaii to present their research, contributing with one poster and two oral presentations.

November 2016

We are very happy to announce that Françoise has successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Françoise!

October 2016

Masters Graduate Sean Anderson got accepted into a PhD program at Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, University of Georgia. Congratulations Sean!

September 2016

Our lab welcomes Dr. Gayantonia Franzé who has recently accepted a post-doc position.

August 2016

Sean Anderson had his first paper accepted! Congratulations Sean!

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June 18th

Susanne, Liza, Garrett, Sean and Andreas are back on land from the Endeavor cruise!

June 2016

Susanne, Liza, Garrett, Sean and Andreas all left for a sampling cruise with the R/V Endeavor to the Atlantic, with the aim to establish quantitative relationships between particle abundance distribution and ecosystem properties.

June 2016

Elizabeth Wright-Fairbanks and Garrett Walsh have recently joined our lab for the SURFO 2016 program. Welcome to our team, Liza and Garret!

June 6th 2016

Susanne, Françoise and Andreas are back from the second NAAMES cruise!

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