Nov 2017 – En route to Scripps

Susanne is giving a talk in San Diego on the very historic date of Nov. 9th. Looking forward to a visit to the famous Scripps Institute of Oceanography, including buildings with names like ‘Sverdrup’….

Nov 2017 -SWMS

Excellent SWMS meeting at WHOI on Friday, Nov 3rd. Susanne immensely enjoyed the stimulating talks and discussion surrounding diversity in marine sciences.

Oct 2017 Congrats Mike Fong

Lab alumnus Mike Fong just accepted positions of Program Naturalist for Nature Vision and as Outreach Educator with the Pacific Science Center. Mike is passionate about sharing his joy of science with the public and particularly children. What a perfect fit. Congratulations Mike.

Sept 2017

More Post doc opportunities! Together with the Rynearson labs at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography we are looking for another Postdoctoral Researcher focused on investigating both micro- and mesozooplankton grazing as part of the NASA EXPORTS program. For further information check out the current research and prospectives pages.

Sept 2017

Coming and going R/V Atlantis is almost home from NAAMES cruise number 3 and Susanne got to go to Maryland to participate in the first NASA EXPORTS PI meeting. Doesn’t get much better than that!

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Sept 2017 – On the high seas

After a record setting mobilization in Woods Hole (10 people, < 10 hours) the crew (post-docs Franze & Morison), together with lab-alumnus Sean Anderson (now Harvey Lab , SKIO) set out for the third installment of the NAAMES cruise. I hear they hit bad weather and things are really rough…

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August 2017

Susanne attended the ICOP 2017 meeting in beautiful Prague, Czech Republic and received the Hutner Award. Amazing oceanographers Ginny Edgcomb, also past-president of ICOP, Diane Stoecker (Horn Point) and Alexandra Worden (MBARI) presented inspiring talks.

July 2017

The National Science Foundation core Biological Oceanography Program has funded a new study in the lab, where we will combine research efforts in the laboratory and coastal Rhode Island to identify the quantitative effects of temperature changes on plankton growth and feeding rates. Thrilling times in our lab.

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